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I moved down to Kent when I was 4 and I’ve been lucky enough to live by the coast for 17 years (I’m the baby of the team here at Visit Kent, known as wee Holly or as the marketing team like to call me, Lofty). Herne Bay is the place I call home and on a weekend in the summer, you’ll either find me in a pub garden, soaking up the sun (and the Kentish wine!) or exploring the county further and discovering the hidden gems. Shopping, eating and doing something active and fun are the things I enjoy most - it’s a good thing Kent can offer me all those things! 

Favourite place in Kent: Folkestone Harbour Arm

Place I always recommend to visitors: Whitstable (for the sunsets, quirky shops and oysters), Canoe Wild (for those looking for an adventure) and one of Kent’s stunning vineyards and brewery (because our local tipples and wines are award-winning for a reason!)