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Holly Loftus
16th April 2024

Aspiring movie makers or film fanatics, we’re here to drop some exciting news about the upcoming films and TV shows that’ll be arriving on your screens in 2024. Before you think, ‘why are Visit Kent telling us about filming?’ well that’s because our lovely county has been cast as the background stars of the show!

So, without further ado, let’s find out the Kent filming locations that can be spotted on our screens next year…


Yes, the Netflix hit series is returning on 16th May with a brand new group of debutantes and a whole new round of scandal, romance and seduction. But amidst all the secrets and surprises, there is one thing we can reveal - our very own Squerryes Court will be making an appearance as the backdrop to a lavish garden party. While the house itself is a private residence, the gardens will be opened to the public on 17th May as part of the National Garden Scheme. What's more, the estate's very own vineyard is always ready to welcome visitors and raise a toast to another scandalous Bridgerton season.  

Castle Farm & Kings Ferry Bridge - The Beekeeper

Jason Statham fans, listen up because we know this film will be on your watch list for next year. The Beekeeper is set to be released in January 2024, so the year really will be kickstarting with a bang and we’re excited to see two Kent locations used throughout the filming. First up is the beautiful Castle Farm in Sevenoaks, popular for its gorgeous lavender, it doubled as a bee farm in the film. Castle Farm is a popular venue for filming and has been featured in music videos, clothing campaigns and TV shows. Visit in June 2024 when the fields will be a purple blanket of flowers and be sure to capture that perfect Instagrammable picture! Secondly, did you spot that bridge stunt in the trailer? That was filmed on Kings Ferry Bridge located on the Isle of Sheppey. Now there's a fun fact to tell your cinema date when you go watch the film.

Discovery Park - Three Body Problem

From the creators of Game of Thrones, Three Body Problem is set to be released on Netflix in March 2024 with filming taking place in the UK and China. So, what brings the film crew to Kent? You might remember us mentioning Discovery Park in a previous blog about the filming of The Crown, but the popular filming location was also used throughout the filming of this Sci-Fi TV series. Discovery Park’s diverse range of settings from labs to offices and car parks makes it an attractive venue for filming opportunities, and has even welcomed Brad Pitt for the filming of World War Z.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham - Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two

The Historic Dockyard Chatham, a location that has welcomed world-famous actors, incredible music artists and production companies to the popular venue for filming. From Ed Sheeran’s Eyes Closed music video to Call the Midwife (you can do an Official Locations Tour here by the way!) the Historic Dockyard has had its fair share of star background roles. So, it’s no surprise that the film crew behind Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 2 has returned to The Dockyard (yes returned, because they were here for Part 1!). It'll be coming to the big screen in June 2024, so just remember to look out for this Kent attraction!

The Citadel - Kraven the Hunter

The Citadel in Dover is a remarkable fortress dating back to 1779 and is used for the filming of Kraven the Hunter, an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character. There’s no surprise The Citadel was chosen as a filming location, with 54 unique buildings presenting as the ideal locations for not just Kraven the Hunter but several other film productions over the past year. Interested in finding out more about filming at this impressive site? A filming locations tour will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Photo credit: John Miller

The Knole & Cobham Hall - Mary & George

Coming to Sky Atlantic and NOW in 2024, Mary and George is an eight-part series which tells the story of how the Countess of Buckingham and her son journey to conquering and nearly destroying England. So why Kent? Three Kent locations were carefully chosen to feature in this historical drama due to the county’s incredible history and historic locations that captured the authenticity of this production. Knole, located in Sevenoaks was used for the interior scenes of James’ palace, Dover Castle also featured an impressive role and was doubled as the Tower of London and Windsor Castle and Cobham Hall was also featured.

Channel 5 New Series on Kent

An exciting new series is coming to Channel 5 in 2024, and this time, Kent really is the star of the show! Produced by BriteSpark East, this 5-part series dives headfirst into the stories and landmarks of the county. Kent’s captivating history, stunning coastline, and rolling landscapes are celebrated throughout, shining a light on the county’s places and people. It’s a celebration of Kent and we’re here for it!