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Holly Loftus
31st August 2023

The team here at Visit Kent have been working hard to share the many ways to be a more sustainable tourist in Kent, and as part of this plan, we’ve called out to our friends from around the county to tell us all about how they’re striving to become a more sustainable business. Whether that’s through nature-positive activities, experiences, reducing energy use or celebration of local produce – we call them Impact Heroes!

So, we thought it’s only right we share with you which businesses have joined the Impact Heroes family, because we’re sure you’re going to want to hear about how they’re working hard to take action on sustainability and make those all-important steps (big or small!) to make our planet more environmentally-friendly.

Terlingham Vineyard

Terlingham Vineyard is a small family run business, located in Hawkinge, who have been operating using natural farming practices such as no-plough farming practices and the exemption of artificial chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides for the last 8 years and are certified by Sustainable Wines of Great Britain for their farming and wine production practices. Their beautiful vineyards and award-wining wines are enjoyed by many through their unique wine tasting experiences. Witness stunning views over the Channel, taste a selection of their wines, accompanied by a cheeseboard, bread selection, tea/coffee and cake.

Read more about Terlingham Vineyard and their approach to sustainability

Canterbury Brewers and Distillers

Canterbury locals, we know you love this gem. And those from further afield, if you don’t know about Canterbury Brewers and Distillers, then get to know! You’ll find the brewery in the heart of the city, housed in their brewpub and restaurant, The Foundry. Their impressive initiative to becoming a more sustainable practice comes from their newly built and designed system that captures the heat from the distillation process to heat their restaurant and bar – what an amazing way to reduce energy usage and make their happy customers warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to the increased insulation. So, why not pay a visit to this Impact Hero, grab some lunch and discover the craft process behind their handmade grain to glass beers and spirits in a Brewery and Distillery Tour and Tasting.

Read more about The Foundry Brew Pub

Rebel Farmer

Meet Rebel Farmer, a tree surgeon by trade and a market gardener, who operates a micro farm in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty, near the Wye Downs. Inspiring visitors and volunteers to take home the sustainable practice learnt with Rebel Farmer through educational workshops. Here at the farm, they make their own soil, nurture the plants using biodiversity and permaculture methods to create a positive eco system on site, and cut and harvest their products by hand, packaged in compostable products to local businesses. Learn the ways of Rebel Farmer’s incredible initiative by changing your habits, grow for yourself and gain the knowledge, inspiration and confidence towards a positive change!

Read more about Rebel Farmer and their work

Stable Oak Cottages

Situated in the North Downs, Stable Oak Cottages is a self-catering accommodation business practicing sustainability through the use of local produce where possible, and handmade soaps created on-site by the cottage cosmetics. Nestled amongst picturesque views, wildlife walks, and animals such as alpacas, pigs, sheep and various birds, making these beautiful cottages that perfect getaway to the Kent countryside.

Read more about Stable Oak Cottages


Leave the car at home and hop on the train! Southeastern works to support the local communities by collaborating with the public and private sector to promote the advantages of travelling by rail and encouraging people to travel in a more sustainable way. With new impact initiatives such as fitting new technology onto the high speed trains to help regenerate energy, Southeastern are continuing to develop ways in which they can operate more sustainably, so why not use their services and do your bit too?! It’s easy, convenient, and accessible!

Read more about Southeastern and their commitment to the environment 

Badgell Woods at Birling Estate

We all love a little camping break. It’s the chance to reconnect with nature, immerse yourself in the surrounding wildlife and rekindle your love for the outdoors. Over at Badgell Woods at Birling Estate, they aim to go beyond being an ‘eco-campsite’ to a place of regenerative tourism, and reinvest funds from the campsite to enhance the condition of the woodland and surrounding SSSI. And, you’ll be pleased to hear that your visit to Badgell Woods can involve a range of amazing experiences, from ‘Wellness in the Woods’ forest bathing, meditation, Qi Gong and wildlife photography to archery, axe-throwing, bushcraft, and children’s summer camp activities!

Read more about Badgell Woods and their sustainability mission

Castle Farm

Well known for their lavender (which as you might know is a popular shot for the Instagram!), Castle Farm is nestled in the pretty North Downs and is committed to maintaining responsible food production and enjoyable, educational visitor experiences whilst enhancing the environment by conserving and enhancing habitats. Over at the farm there’s so much to experience. Witness the astonishing views across the 130 acres of purple flowers, why not opt for a guided tour, have a picnic, or take a stroll. Oh, and take some selfies with the stunning purple backdrop of course! You’ll also find Hops, Apples and Pumpkins growing as we enter the warm summer months and don’t forget to browse The Hop Shop which overlooks the meadows of the River Darent, offering quality farm foods, seasonal fruit, treats, gifts and seasonal decoration.

Read more about Castle Farm and their work

Romney Marsh Wools and Romney Marsh Shepherds Huts

Romney Marsh Wools

Romney Marsh Wools was officially accredited as ‘carbon neutral’ in October 2022 as part of their ongoing journey to reduce carbon emissions, become more sustainable, and build a better future for our planet and have since continued to develop their sustainability initiatives. Selling products made from 100% British sheep wool which is both renewable and biodegradable.

Romney Marsh Shepherds Huts

The most recent additions to the farm is the three luxurious huts – The Romney Marsh Shepherds Huts. Constructed by local craftsman in Kent and located in the heart of the farm, allowing for stunning views over the Romney Marsh where guests can relax and unwind in nature. Collaborating with local businesses to provide locally produced tea, coffee and milk, they have also equipped the huts with their very own Romney Marsh Wools lanolin toiletries as well as their Romney snuggles, made with their sheep fleeces.

Read more about their story


SailLink is an amazing new initiative, introduced to work with nature and modern technology to sail passengers between convenient destinations using hybrid sail-electric vessels, the power of prevailing winds and winds and regeneration through solar energy. This new cross-channel connection is specifically designed for foot and bike passengers located at the Port of Dover. This is a wonderful new concept to encourage sustainable travel, with the first vessel set to sail from Dover to Boulogne sur Mer in 2024.

Find out more about SailLink, their work, routes and more here.


Offering 5-star gold accommodation, Frasers is a thriving eco country estate and hospitality venue with a strong environmental ethos, operating as net-carbon neutral through a variety of amazing sustainability initiatives. From having two solar arrays, both ground and air source heat pumps, and rainwater harvesting systems to save on food wastage, foraging on the estate’s grounds, and sourcing seasonal ingredients which supports over 50 local businesses. The list could go on and on but as you can see, Frasers is certainly making an impact on our planet by taking impressive steps and making huge implementations, placing sustainability at the heart of their business.

Read more about their sustainability initiatives here.

Oak Barn, Frame Farm

Hosting weddings and events space in beautifully restored grade II listed barns, The Oak Barn, Frame Farm is situated in the High Weald National Landscape, with 25 acres of pasture and woodland that are home to Romney sheep and abundant wildlife. The sustainability journey has been a major project for the family, and what began with poor condition historic buildings with major structural issues, has since been renovated into stunning spaces, with environmentally friendly initiatives such as, protecting and conserving wildlife, moving away from fossil fuels by using a biomass boiler and photovoltaic panels to provide energy, sourcing local produce and more!

Read more about their vision here.

Copper Rivet Distillery

Ever wondered about the process of distilling your favourite tipple? Well what if we told you that there are ways of making that process more environmentally friendly, and Copper Rivet Distillery is here to tell you how! The distillery have been on a mission to make small changes throughout their business which make a huge contribution to their sustainability goals. From cutting the use of service water by three thousand litres a day and installing a holding tank, which allows them to reuse the same water for different steps in the fermentation process, to installing an automatic booster system on their gas boiler, which monitors the pressure levels in the tanks and switching off the gas that would be unnecessarily needed. Clever... we know!

Read more about Copper Rivet Distillery here.

Simpsons Wine Estate

Simpsons Wine Estate was established in 2002, with 38 hectares of vineyards on the iconic chalk terroir of the North Downs. The estate is home to a beautiful winery, an elegant tasting room, complete with world’s first winery helter-skelter! Their clever sustainability initiative is to maintain and improve soil health and to reduce fertiliser inputs, but also to promote a transition towards a circular economy. This is achieved by composting their grape marc (skins/pips/stalks), that is created during the grape pressing process, then using this compost to fertilise their vineyards. To kickstart the process, Simpsons teamed up with their friends over at Howletts Wild Animal Park to use their enclosed animal manure and combine it with the grape marc to be used on their vineyards as a completely organic fertiliser.

Check out their sustainability journal here.

Fuggles Beer Cafe

With an ambition to become carbon neutral by 2025, Fuggles Beer Café in Tunbridge Wells have already made those simple first steps by turning lights off, recycling properly, minimising waste and working with other businesses that share their values. This the ideal spot to go for a bite to eat, and enjoy a tipple of their beer, a sip of cider or a selection of cocktails (because seriously, who can just have the one!)

Read more about Fuggles Beer Café and their approach to sustainability

The Small Holding

With growing and foraging at the heart of what they do, The Small Holding was one of the first seven restaurants in the country to be awarded a Michelin Green Star for sustainability and gastronomy. Their sustainability initiatives include, growing their own vegetables, zero waste, composting and sustainable energy, making this restaurant a must-visit so you can sample their delicious home-grown food, with seasonal ingredients to compliment their ever changing menu.

Read more about The Small Holding

The TN Card

Have you heard of the TN Card? If you live in the TN postcode, this loyalty rewards card might be something you want to look at and join the community in supporting local businesses. More than 750 businesses are now supported and showcased through the scheme, from local food producers and hospitality to shopping, health and beauty, theatres and local days out. The rewards card is also digital, so not only does this scheme encourage the community to be more sustainable by shopping local, reducing food miles and transportation costs, but they're monitoring their own impact on the environment too! Residents, it’s time to join the TN family!


A tasty treat always goes down well, especially when you know it’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made with sustainability in mind… Well that’s exactly what Goupie is all about! From their delicious products down to the packaging, sustainability is the key focus and they are continuing to make strides to address a variety of issues, by focusing on ingredients sourcing, packaging materials, waste management, employee welfare and community support.

Read more about Goupie and their Ethical Stance

Whitstable Maritime 

As a registered charity Whitstable Maritime has four objectives: celebrating Whitstable’s maritime heritage, supporting the town’s coastal economic development, addressing marine environment issues and encouraging well-being. The charity managed a Harbour & Boat Show for three successive years, published its popular Coastal Trail Guide and have further goals for the next five years including a sail training programme, support for sustainable enterprises including the use of wind-power, and traditional crafts and are set to become a tourist attraction offering ‘experience’ and ‘heritage’ for visitors far and wide. Now that's what we call busy! 

Read more about Whitstable Maritime 5 year goals here.

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