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  • Castles in Kent

    Kent is home to some of the most beautiful castles and fortresses in Britain's history, most of which can be visited all year round.

  • Castles and Gardens

    Stunning castles, glorious gardens and stately homes - Kent is a treasure trove of historic attractions and scented sites, all waiting to be explored.

  • Escape Rooms in Kent

    Visit Kent's round-up of the best Escape Rooms across Kent

  • Kent Farmers' Markets

    Are you looking for Kent's best farmers' markets, local produce, the latest on what vegetables are in season? Whether you're searching for fresh Kentish strawberries, locally reared meat, or freshly picked vegetables, look no further than our round up of some of our favourite farmers' markets in Kent.

  • Family Fun at Botany Bay

    Study in Kent

  • Golf in Kent

  • Getting to Kent

    Find out how you can travel to Kent by rail, road or by air.

  • Imagination is calling...

    With an abundance of creative flare, fascinating history, nautical nature and miles of beautiful coastline, East Kent offers the perfect escape for any explorer.

  • Kent's Heritage Railways

    In Kent, you can relive the magic and romance of the rails with a day out on a heritage railway, where you’ll find the journey is as fascinating as the destinations you visit.

  • Travelling Around Kent

    Whether you prefer bus, train, car, bicycle and or your own legs, getting around Kent couldn’t be easier. A great network of roads, trails, paths and train lines run from town to town, leaving you with more time to experience the sheer beauty of Kent’s countryside.