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Abby McEleney
20th May 2024

We know the importance of ensuring your visit to eco-friendly destinations, activities and things to do that won't harm the planet. Explore the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where you can visit historic castles, enjoy vineyard tours at organic wineries and embark on activities both memorable and environmentally responsible.

Join us on a journey through Kent's sustainable places to visit. Beyond the charming villages and historic landmarks, Kent is emerging as a beacon of sustainability, offering visitors a unique blend of eco-conscious attractions and experiences. Kent invites visitors to explore a greener way to visit attractions while immersing themselves in its breathtaking surroundings.

And while you’re out and about in Kent, it’s important to stay hydrated. Grab your favourite water bottle and download the Refill app, so you always know where you can fill up on your days out – and trust us, there’s a lot in Kent. You’ll never have to buy another plastic bottle again!

Hever Castle

Hever Castle & Gardens stands as a testament to the beauty of sustainable practices in historic settings. At the heart of these efforts lies a biomass boiler, an innovative system that heats the entire Estate using locally sourced timber, minimising reliance on fossil fuels. Solar panels enhance the roof of the biomass store, harnessing the sun's energy to power the Estate and contribute electricity back to the grid. This investment to sustainability showcases a blend of Tudor history, breathtaking architecture, and picturesque gardens, making it a must-visit destination.

Explore Hever Castle

Simpson’s Wine Estate

Simpson’s Wine Estate founders, the visionaries behind the acclaimed Domaine de Sainte Rose in southern France, have brought their winemaking expertise back to the UK. Their vineyard has undergone an initiative to transform the organic grape residue waste, the byproduct of the grape pressing process, into a valuable resource as the vineyard's fertiliser.

Visit Simpson's Wine Estate for an immersive journey into the world of English wine, offering picturesque vineyard views, informative tours, and tastings of their exceptional wines, making it an enriching experience for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Castle Farm

Nestled in the idyllic North Downs near Sevenoaks, renowned for its fragrant lavender fields, Castle Farm offers an enchanting exploration of a working family farm, where visitors can enjoy scenic walks, pick-your-own experiences, and shop for artisanal goods.

From meticulous woodland management to the strategic planting of hedges and trees. The farm's longstanding participation in environmental stewardship schemes for over 25 years underscores its unwavering dedication to conservation.

Visit Castle Farm

Rochester Cathedral

An iconic Anglican place of worship and heritage attraction has embarked on a forward-thinking initiative to reduce its environmental impact while enhancing the visitor experience.

The installation of a new award-winning lighting scheme not only illuminates the cathedral's architecture but also showcases a low carbon footprint, aligning with the cathedral's commitment to sustainability, with an estimated forecast of saving 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Rochester Cathedral awaits

Copper Rivet Distillery

Copper Rivet Distillery, nestled in Chatham, offers a fascinating journey into the craft of distillation, with guided tours revealing the intricate process behind their award-winning spirits, complemented by tastings and a chance to explore the distillery.

With a commitment to creating great-tasting spirits without compromising on quality, Copper Rivet has embraced a glass-to-grain ethos, sourcing locally grown grains from the Isle of Sheppey and the Isle of Grain to craft their signature gin, vodka, and whisky.

Copper Rivet tours

Rebel Farmer

Volunteers and visitors alike immerse themselves with learning experiences, workshops, and overnight adventures, discovering the secrets of year-round ecological produce cultivation and building soil health in the heart of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

For hands-on sustainable agriculture experiences and ethical farming practices, educational tours, and opportunities to purchase fresh, organic produce, fostering a deeper connection to the land and promoting environmentally conscious living, visit Rebel Farmer.

Join the Rebel Farmers

Canterbury Brewers

Canterbury Brewers & Distillers at The Foundry, nestled in the heart of Canterbury within a historic Victorian Foundry, has implemented an initiative to harness the heat generated during the distillation process.

Offering a unique opportunity to savour locally crafted beers and spirits in a vibrant setting, where enthusiasts can delve into the artistry of brewing and distilling while enjoying tastings and engaging tours. Capturing the heat from the distillation process, efficiently heats the restaurant and bar, significantly reducing energy costs associated with heating and hot water usage.