Aero Legends

Aero Legends has it's operation based at Lashenden (Headcorn) Airfield, the last grass wartime airfield left in Kent and offers our customers the opportunity to experience the iconic British aircraft of World War II. The Battle of Britain was a defining moment for our nation and as the last of the veterans fade away public interest has been growing.

There are few occasions in history when we can say that the actions of a few changed the destiny, not just of a country but of the world. The Battle of Britain is one of those moments.

Great Britain owes a debt of gratitude to the small number of allied pilots that protected our skies during the long summer of 1940 and Aero Legends keeps the memory and knowledge of this period alive for future generations.

In the 1930s as the threat of another World War loomed there was a necessity to train as many fighter pilots as possible and the Tiger Moth and Harvard were the default trainers for pilots destined to fly the new advanced mono wing aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane.

Aero Legends offers a unique experience of being able to fly in and with the training and combat aircraft that the RAF used during WWII. Customers have a broad selection of options ranging from a short flight in a Tiger Moth through to the full experience package of Tiger Moth, Harvard and Spitfire.

Prices are dependent upon they experience you would like to buy and run from approximately £125 and £4,500.


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