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Kent through a camera

9th April 2020

Combine the cosiness of your couch with the fresh outdoors by watching live cams and virtual tours of some of Kent’s most loved places. From calming coastal stretches to gorgeous gardens and wondrous wildlife there’s still so much to see!

We know it’s tough not being able to explore the great expanse of greenery from the Garden of England but in the mean time, here are some of the places that you can experience a taste of its natural beauty from your home.

Port Lympne

Want to catch a glimpse of wildlife in action? Well, Port Lympne has got you covered! With live links to both the cub and cheetah cams, you can experience a walk on the wild-side from your own den. Experience pride-life and get a unique view of the majestic creatures as you enjoy hours of fascinating footage. Whether they’re lolling and lounging, playing together or enjoying a magnificent feast there’s so much life to witness, whatever your age! So, if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, why not start streaming now and transport yourself to the exciting, exotic enclosure – a treat for all the family.


Take a peek at some of the sights to see around Dover with a livecam, capturing the iconic scenery of the chalky white cliffs, calming sea-view and impressive castle. See the ships coming into shore, sense the crisp sea breeze and let the soft waves wash your cares away as you watch the ebb and flow of life on Kent’s coast. Enjoy the panning perspectives, peruse the promenade, watch the swarms of diving gulls and treasure the skilfully selected sea-scape scenes to experience the very best angles of dashing Dover.

Great Comp Garden

Pining to see some grand greenery? Hear the harmonious bird songs, gentle rustle of leaves and view the vivid colours of the magnificent magnolias as you take a virtual stroll through the Great Comp Garden. Feel the warmth of the sun as it leaks through the trees onto your screen to brighten up your day and allow yourself to relax as you watch the panoramic views of pristine horticulture sure to satisfy and lift your spirits. Enjoy the tranquility of nature amongst the backdrop of the charming historic house and take some time to appreciate these sensational sights of Sevenoaks.

Wingham Wildlife Park 

Discover the amazing creatures as you view life through a lens at Wingham Wildlife Park. Whether you want to see sociable cockatoos, paddling penguins, ostentatious orang-utans or live footage of the extraordinary enclosures, share a day in the life with some of Kent’s fantastic wildlife. Get up close and personal with an exclusive insight into the lives of some of the most daring animals such as tigers and bears, then admire the amiable aviary full of vibrant feathery-friends!


Whether you’re looking for some background atmosphere whilst reading a book or a brief costal trip from your sofa, why not watch a live link to Margate, overlooking the oval gardens? With a view of the distant crashing waves and swaying flowers by the green, catch a glimpse of the perfect mix of both land and sea. Get inspired by the natural beauty of Kent’s coast and refuel your day with a virtual sun-bathe by the seaside. Keep watch for boats as they pass by and enjoy the resident’s view of the shoreline as you feel the communal charm of the tranquil tide.


Check into the action on Wildwood’s facebook page as you get a keeper’s view of life in the ancient woodland. From rare red squirrels, wild wolves, brown bears, delicate deer and many other cute faces of the 200 resident species, keep up to date with life in the best of British nature. With photo, video and stories posted everyday, don’t miss out on hanging with some furry friends in the wondrous wood! Whether you’re bored of flicking through tv channels or searching for an effective escape in your lunch break, delve into the world of Kent’s wildlife with a click of a button, there’s plenty to see!


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