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Interested in studying architecture? Study in Kent at Canterbury Christ Church University or the University of Kent and you're in for adventure. With Kent's rich history and links from Romans to King Henry VII, there's plenty to uncover beyond the books.

Interested in studying architecture or medieval life? Study in Kent at Canterbury Christ Church University or the University of Kent and you'll be in the perfect location for it. With Kent's rich history and architectural links from the Romans to King Henry II, there's plenty to uncover beyond the books.

From fantastic gothic designs to mysterious medieval homes, regal castles and intriguing ruins, there are so many beautiful buildings to explore in Kent, making it an excellent location to study all things historical. 

And if you're really interested in studying architecture or medieval life, be sure to check out the range of courses listed below, available at both The University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. 

Don’t forget to check the websites before your visit and plan your adventure!

Dover Castle

Be inspired by the astonishing architecture of Dover Castle. Set on the edge of the South East coast, enjoy a day out by the open sea as you delve deep into the 13thcentury tunnels and marvel at the castle’s fantastic facade that harboured World War secrets. Then take a look back in time as you explore the vividly recreated rooms and step into the impressive Great Tower, witnessing the wonder of King Henry II’s medieval palace.


Be amazed by the intricate gothic design of Canterbury Cathedral, recently restored to reveal the magnificent authentic colour and delicately crafted architecture. Take your time to stroll around the grounds, observing the vivid stained-glass windows and impressive medieval structure. Then, just a short walk down the quaint King’s Mile will lead you to another quirky local favourite: the Crooked House. What better place to study with this on your doorstep?

The Pantiles

Enjoy a relaxing day as you step into the charming world of the Tunbridge Wells 17thCentury Pantiles. See the picturesque shops, magnificent arched alcoves, colonnaded walkways and sensational pillared buildings, perfect for a modern adventure. Formerly known as the Royal Parade, enjoy a stroll down the ornate high street, pausing to ponder the photogenic walkway and stylish Georgian grandeur as you picture the inspiring architecture in its heyday.

Reculver Towers

Roam through the historic Reculver Tower ruins and Roman Fort which crowns the Herne Bay skyline. Enjoy the fresh sea air and a wide expanse of beautiful Kentish coastline as you discover the 12th century building which is sure to impress a budding architect. One of the earliest Roman Forts built against Saxon raids, then recreated into an Anglo-Saxon monastery, visit the site of intriguing history. Marvel at the tall towers which were built in a remodelling of the church and appreciate the spectacular story of the much-loved local landmark.

Turner Contemporary

Searching for a more modern twist of architecture to explore? Well, look no further than the Turner Contemporary. With its fresh look and artistic architectural lines, allow this hub of creativity to spark your inner designer. Inspired by the town’s connection to painter JMW Turner, this industrial inspired building, with its abstract treatment of light and space, is sure to pique your interest, providing a peaceful place to ponder its artistry and the picturesque coastal doorstep.

Rochester Castle

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon amble around a magnificent castle and grounds, so why not admire the phenomenal example of Norman architecture set within the walls of the Roman city of Rochester? Take in the rustic ragstone look of the keep, the distinctive chevron carvings along the windows and the vast, elaborate interior. Take a meander down Medway town and enjoy magnificent sights such as the impressive Rochester medieval bridge. 

Credit John Miller

Scotney Castle

Fancy a refined day out in the fresh countryside? Why not mosey down to the moated mansion set in the sensational Garden of England! This romantic and charming 14thCentury castle is a great place to peruse some exquisite Victorian architecture whilst making the most of the lush Kentish scenery. From the beautiful beams to the colourful courtyard and gardens, step back in time and experience a slice of history amongst the enchanting castle fit for a fairytale adventure.

Curious Brewery

Curious about some of the more modern pieces of architectural interest in Kent? The Curious Brewery is an intriguing work by Guy Hollaway, nicknamed the ‘cathedral of brewing’. With a mix of industrial elements such as the aesthetic steel pipes and exposed tanks, black aluminium lattice and sleek black facade, visitors can relax with a pint outdoors amongst the stylish scenery. You can also take a look at the brewing process from the restaurant’s windows overlooking the brewhouse below or enjoy a drink with a housemate in the gorgeously spacious and 'Instagrammable' interior.

Tonbridge Castle

One of England’s finest examples of a Motte and Bailey castle, complete with a grand gatehouse and multi-levelled grounds, enjoy a trip to the phenomenal Tonbridge Castle. Built by the powerful de Clare family shortly after the Norman invasion and rebuilt after destruction to endure the civil wars of the 13th century, get a feel for this fantastic and stately structure with a sensational story. With an awesome twin-towered fort and fiery history, admire the impressive build which still stands proudly in amongst the distinctive Kent landscape.

With all this to explore and more, Kent is the perfect place to take your next steps! So if you’re thinking of enrolling at Canterbury Christ Church University or the University of Kent, here are some courses that would complement your interest in architecture, design or discovering more about medieval life: