Tyland Barn Nature Park

The Nature Park at Tyland Barn is a fantastic and easy way to experience the wonders of our Kentish countryside. The park was created to be a little Kent and now has woodlands, colourful wildflower meadows and a large pond full of life. Wander along the wheelchair and buggy accessible paths and you might spot spectacular orchids, stag beetles in the log piles or dragonfly flitting over the reeds.

The planting in the Tyland Barn area has recently been redesigned and becomes a contemporary, colourful and inspirational example of how we can all help wildlife in our gardens.

As the seasons change, there is always something new to discover in the park. There are lifting logs and warm compost heaps to look through for bugs even in the darkest of months and come the summer, the bug hotels buzz with solitary bees. The Nature Park at Tyland Barn is a lovely place to visit with the family or to learn more about the huge variety of Kent’s wildlife.



ME14 3BD