Rochester Cathedral

Experience a spiritual moment in Rochester Cathedral and visit a church that has been celebrating Christian worship since 604AD. The history and heritage of Rochester Cathedral is boasted in its stunning architecture. Its walls hum with the prayer of thousands of years. It is the spiritual home of Rochester and one that shouldn't be missed. Walk through the pages of history in this beautiful building. 

After 3 years of highly skilled renovations, Rochester Cathedral proudly reveals its beautifully refurbished mediaeval crypt housing our “Rochester’s Mystery Book” Exhibition: Textus Roffensis is the only existing copy of the first code of English law and was written in Rochester during the early 1120s. It has been described as one of the most important documents in English history and influenced the wording of Magna Carta of 1215.

Discover the Cathedral Library via a magnificent 14th Century door, where an outstanding collection of rare and historic books, manuscripts, photographs and lantern slides, some dating from the 12th Century, is housed. 

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Daily: Monday-Friday, 0730am-6pm; Saturday 0830-5pm and Sunday 0730am-5pm.


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