Coldrum Long Barrow

Surrounded by white chalky fields and glorious views stretching to the south, Coldrum Long Barrow is one of the earliest and least damaged prehistoric monuments in Britain. Dating back to 3985BC, it’s older than Stonehenge by more than 1,000 years. You’ll find this hidden piece of history at the end of a walking track, offering an oasis of calm and peace, with the advantage of some amazing views to stir your soul.

Depending on the time of day you venture to this prehistoric marvel, you’ll have a different experience of the monument’s impact. If you stroll down early you might see the morning mist coat the stones in an eerie blanket, or if you wander over on a late summer evening the surrounding hills will be glowing with the sun’s dimming light.

Coldrum Long Barrow is a mystical place which is why the Druid’s saw it to be a ‘rare gem in Kent’s spiritual crown’. Explore this prehistoric sight and discover history’s ancient past.


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