Groups of - 8 (1 hour )

Lace up those running shoes and explore the history of Canterbury with the running tour then finish off at the Foundry Brew Pub for a beer tasting!

Beer and spirit run definitely encourage us to go out! Go on a guided 5km city tour, covering Canterbury’s key historic and cultural sites, and discovering some of the city’s many secrets. Then head to the Foundry Brew Pub and Distillery where you can taste their amazing beers and gins that are made on-site.

The running tour allows groups of up to 8 people and lasts approximately 60 minutes although this could vary depending on the pace, optional detours, and numbers of questions.

This tour is suitable for all levels of runners whether you are a beginner or an expert, so they will run at whichever pace feels comfortable for the group making sure no one is left behind!

Where you'll be


39 Burgate




Email 07957626360


What it costs

£30 - people over the age of 18