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Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 many events are being cancelled or postponed. Whilst we are monitoring the events listed on our website regularly, we would advise that you check directly with event venues for specific information.

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POW! Festival - Broken Record story telling evening 6th March 2021

Join Katie McGarry and Annie Sutton for an evening of stories and provocations exploring trauma...

POW! Festival - Women in Design Panel Talk (1) 6th March 2021

This is a live-streamed event, featuring Rebecca Strickson (Host), Lynne Elvins, Joyce Kremer,...

POW! Festival - Carry Greenham Home documentary and Q&A with director 7th March 2021

Documentary about the Greenham Common peace camp women, who protested against nuclear weapons

POW! Festival - Lunch break - Margate Radio 7th March 2021

This weekend Margate Radio is playing music by female and non binary DJs from Thanet and beyond

POW! Festival - Everyday Racism 7th March 2021

A talk by the founders of the hugely popular instagram account @EverydayRacism

POW! Festival - Margate Movement Artists dance class (Sunday) 7th March 2021

Give yourself permission to move, let go & groove together. Celebrate our differences, unity & power

POW! Festival - FOOD documentary about the women of Thanet's Food Banks 7th March 2021

Powerful film in which Kent based filmmaker Tania Hoser speaks to the women of the Thanet food banks

POW! Festival - Talk to Her radio play 7th March 2021

This 14 minute monologue explores familial relationships, what motivates us and the value of hope

POW! Festival - Women in Tech panel talk 7th March 2021

A must-watch for anyone intrigued by a career in tech!

POW! Festival - Invisible Women: The Story of Two LGBTQ Revolutionaries 7th March 2021

Charts the last 50 years of Manchester's LGBTQ history through the story of two incredible women

POW! Festival - Success is a Silent Protest 7th March 2021

3 powerful women talk about their lives and careers, self promotion and finding inspiration

POW! Festival: Waves of Resistance 7th March 2021

Poetry, music, location recordings, and the voices of Mairead Ni Chroninin and Alexandra Jueno

Ongoing events

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