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Ellie Graham
19th February 2024

We’re back with another look into the lives of the Visit Kent team. You saw what Holly got up to last summer, now let’s take a (slightly chillier) dive into Ellie’s “Month in the Life”, this time looking at what January had in store for her…

The start of the year brings with it excitement of beginnings, opportunity, and change. What will we achieve this year? How many goals can we reach? How do we become the best version of ourselves? All valid questions, but personally, that annual upheaval of my entire way of life is starting to get a little tiresome. So, this year, I’ve ditched the inevitably unrealistic resolutions and am replacing them with workable and gentler intentions. Join me as I start the year by slowing down, nourishing my mind and body, reconnecting with creativity, and refreshing my mindset in Kent…

Slowing down

Amidst the hubbub of forming resolutions, setting goals, and adopting hobbies, it’s important to find a stillness. A base with which we can ground ourselves when January comes and the new-year-scaries come with it. Which is why I tried slowing down last month and giving myself dedicated time to rest.

Caring for myself with a yoga and meditation class at Earth Studio was my first point of action – an hour on a Monday led by the brilliantly skilled and consciously minded Laura, where we gave space and time to relax and get out of the “doing” mindset that’s so easy to fall into at this time of year. If you’re feeling in need of some TLC, the workshops, events, and weekly classes at the studio are a sure way to find it.

Once I uncurl from the studio and stretch out into the world, that winter sun is warmly welcomed, with an afternoon spent with friends along the seafront and the Margate Harbour Arm. Mooching, browsing, and sampling local produce - what more could you want?  

At the Turner Contemporary, I held on to the comfort of relaxation in a setting usually known for its wonderful works of art, but was for one night transformed into an atmospheric space of yoga, meditation, and sound bathing at Surround. Led by yoga teacher Katya with a live DJ accompaniment from James, you can experience the talents of the two for yourself at their next event on 12th March!

Once I’d got my fix of movement, I settled down and immersed myself in the beauty of cinema. Luckily for me, with event space 101 Social nearby, I’m never short of independent movie nights to attend – beer in hand and smells of the pizza oven working away downstairs, I nestled up on the sofa to enjoy a few hours of pure entertainment.


That talk of pizza has got my belly rumbling and reminiscing on all the ways I nourished myself throughout January. With such fantastic food and drink choices across the county, I’m never short of places to visit when in need of a warming plate on those wintry days. And on one particularly blustery afternoon, a trip to The Conningbrook Hotel was a must – the traditional pub dishes served with a modern twist, like the hearty vegan burger, are sure to give you (and little ones!) that well-needed energy boost.

For the best hot chocolate I've found by the seaside, The Greedy Cow in Margate's Old Town is top of the list, its cosy interiors and hidden upstairs seating calling out to you on those mornings when you want to settle down with friends and catch up, watching the world go by outside. 

As the evening arrives and dinnertime approaches, wander up to Parisian-inspired wine bar Sete. Unique and innovative dishes, served with expert knowledge and a friendly welcome, invite you to share and sample, testing your tastebuds and exciting your senses. Match that with the perfectly paired bottle of wine, and you've got an evening ahead of laughter, warmth, and great food.

Finish up the evening with a freshly mixed, lovingly crafted cocktail at the Off-Licence, where live DJ and incredible decor go hand-in-hand as the cherry on top to your foodie day out in Margate. 


As I’m in the swing of slowing down, exciting experiences have also been on the agenda to get my creativity flowing. After a day of work, when it comes time to step away from the screen, the perfect remedy to keep hands busy and mind relaxed is with a session at Clayspace, a ceramics studio by the sea where creativity is encouraged through weekly pottery classes or drop in sessions.

My creativity is sparked, and I head to the Lido Stores to get a glimpse of art from near and far in their thriving, exciting exhibition space. At the start of February, "Beyond Form" arrived at Turner Contemporary, giving me more inspiration, this time from female artists of the mid 20th century from across the globe. 

And to really make the most of that seaside life, getting out to take in those glorious seascapes is an everyday essential – whether that be an afternoon stroll along the seafront, a sit down to soak up the sunset, or a run over to Botany Bay to catch the first of the morning rays. As I wander back down the seafront to warm up indoors, a stop off at The Grain Grocer for an on-the-go homemade treat and a tea is a must. 

It wouldn’t be a month in my life if I didn’t make it to the woods at some point, and in January that came in the form of our work team’s Wellbeing Walk, hosted by the magnificent Tansy in the Wild through a Forest Bathing session. Qi Gong and mindful walking topped off with homemade energy balls and a warming cuppa at Kent Wildlife Trust's stunning West Blean woods - now that's wellbeing! 

There you have it – our team’s second Month in the Life feature, coming to you from the colder months of winter, yet hopefully bringing some inspiration on how to tackle that slightly trickier time of year with slowing down, nourishing ourselves, and refreshing our outlook in January. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2024!