Instagrammable Autumn locations

Trust us, the whole family will be amazed by the colours and sights of autumn, whether it be the golden leaves or the long lingering light and shadows – autumn is the time to pick up the phone or camera and head out to these locations to fill your camera roll and Instagram profile. But if you’re not into photography then these places are sure to amaze regardless…

Photo: James Dobson/ National Trust

Sissinghurst Photographic Competition

The gardens and castle in Sissinghurst have to be some of the most photographed in Kent – and now the International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) and National Trust have partnered for a new exhibition to celebrate the captures. From the 23rd October to 2nd January you can explore the competition entries that were submitted of the castle and its gardens between July and the start of October, giving a spectrum of perspectives from summer to now. What’s more, your entry into the exhibition is included in standard entry! Sissinghurst’s best

Elmley National Nature Reserve

Whether you’re inside or out at Elmley Nature Reserve, your camera can never be too far from your hands when visiting. If you’re into landscapes, then pay a visit to wander the wide-open acres of the island, which are perfect for getting shots of the fields, wildlife and of course the staple of sunrises and sunsets. If you lean toward being inside, getting warm and capturing your hideout, then the accommodation is certainly Instagram friendly – think shepherd's huts and vintage outdoor bathtubs. Aesthetics aplenty

Photo: Dave Rolfe

Howletts & Port Lympne

Budgets not stretching to afford a trip to the Serengeti or the Kruger National Park this year, but you still want to see some of the world’s most fascinating animals? Get the telephoto lens out and head down to Howletts or Port Lympne to see elephants and giraffes down to rhino and ostrich. With acres of parkland for the animals to explore themselves, your photographic opportunities open up as they amble the wild land. Although with some of the enclosures providing up close experiences, that telephoto may not actually be needed! Quest for the best photo

Bedgebury Pinetum

When you think of Autumn, the first thing to come to mind is the trees changing – the colour bringing a last-minute bit of life to the otherwise quickly disappearing leaves. A popular place to marvel and capture this season transformation is Bedgebury Pinetum, just outside of Goudhurst. Over 10,000 trees are planted here from redwoods to the swamp cypress, which is one of the most beautiful in Autumn - lining the trees up on your feed is sure to go down with envy! Plethora of pines

Biddenden Vineyards

With lines and lines of plants adorning the fields, Biddenden Vineyards is a stunning place to visit in Autumn. With the grapevines changing colour, the parallel channels provide stripes of yellow and golds to keep your photos on the straight and narrow and that Instagram feed looking just right. Not only will you see fall colours when you visit, but harvest is happening around early Autumn and so when you visit, you’ll see the methods in use that make many people’s favourite beverage! Pressed to find less colour

Isle of Thanet

The tip of East Kent provides striking autumnal sunrises, as well as long wide stretching views over the coast to the sunset, but look inland and you’ll be met with gorgeous greenery and numerous natural wonders. Quex Park may mean concerts or the Powell Cotton museum to you, but the parkland itself is made up of 7 acres of gardens with a woodland walk and a walled Victorian garden – ideal for getting macro shots of those autumn flowers. Head a little southwest to Monkton Nature Reserve, which is today a 16-acre nature reserve with over 350 species of flowering plant, including 9 species of orchid - #flowerstagram. Portraits of Isle of Thanet

Medway’s country parks

Reflections? Check. Big skies? Check. Autumnal leaves? Check. So, with three of the big Autumn demands ticked off for that perfect photo, where are we suggesting you visit? North Kent, in Medway - specifically Capstone Farm Country Park and Riverside Country Park. At Capstone, you can uncover 114 hectares of land, including forests, a lake and the North Downs landscape we are so fond of in Kent. In Riverside Country Park, the views reach across the Medway’s marshland and give sunsets the extra big sky to take in the all the clouds and contrails. Park portraits

Down House

Being the home of revered naturalist Charles Darwin, you would think that Down House is sure to have some outdoor space, and you're right - the grounds are truly alive this autumn. If you take a walk on the 'Thinking Path' of Darwin, the grounds are home to plenty of greenery that is turning an autumnal gold. The gardens of Down House are also reflective of the season and you may not make a new discovery in the 'outdoor laboratory', but you will appreciate stops such as the mulberry tree. While you're on the way around you may even wish to be joined by Sir David Attenborough - by garden audio guide that is! Observe Autumn at Down House

Mote Park

Simply walking through trees and gardens at autumn may bring joy, all the while kicking the golden leaves, but if you add in a body of water and the potential for misty mornings then it gives you even more angles to soak it all in. Mote Park in Maidstone is perfect for this, with a lake formed by the River Len and the Maidstone Historic Boat House sitting surrounded by the autumnal leaves - perfect for that morning walk with the camera! Don't believe us, the picture speaks for itself... Magnificent Mote Park 

The Ambrette

If it’s a rainy day, heading inside can also have its advantages this time of the year. At the Ambrette in Canterbury and Margate, Diwali (which is celebrated in late October), is marked by a special evening of traditional and modern Indian music, henna art and delicious food. Maybe not for the ones with the DSLRs, but a perfect evening to capture with the phone cameras! Diwali celebrations

Hythe Imperial

The sea may still be warm enough for some for a swim, but we’re avoiding the English Channel with this one. The Hythe Imperial hotel sits just on the coast of its namesake town, Hythe and is an ideal base to mix country with seaside. Staying away from dipping your toes in though, the nearby Military Canal is an ideal stroll to capture that tree lined shot. Once you’ve explored the old town and braced a coastal walk, return to the hotel and enjoy a winter warmer afternoon tea in the Windsor Tea Parlour. Autumn on the coast

Kent & Sussex Cottages

If one day or evening just isn’t enough or you want to wait out for that perfect photo, consider a stay in the rural country. Kent and Sussex Cottages have a number of properties in Kent nestled in the county’s idyllic countryside, like Orchard Cottage, sitting moments from Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens for that photographic competition. Or, Hexden Lea which sits with reaching views across the High Weald AONB. At any time of the year, these cottages provide a cosy retreat for exploring all that Kent has to offer, plus these K&SC cottages offer 10% off if booked within 14 days. Picturesque stopovers