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Halloween in Kent

Caitlin Minter
1st October 2018

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, it must be time for Halloween. It’s that time of year where the veil between earth and the underworld is at its weakest, where devilish demons, wicked witches and cursed corpses come and take their revenge on the living.

Halloween is the season of frights and scares, where the night takes on a more ominous air. This Halloween in Kent is filled with bone-chilling events, so get dressed up, grab the sweet bucket and put your fearless pants on. It’s time to brave the night…

Murder Mystery at Dover Castle

The wine is flowing, the food is ever growing, guests continue showing but does anyone hear a woe-ing? A murder mystery unfolds at Dover Castle where it is up to your powers of deduction to solve the mysterious murder that has taken place in this chilling castle. Visit the ghostly castle after dark for an evening of mystery, intrigue and murder. This dastardly deed will take place on the 27th of October, so be sure to secure your place by booking online. Let the mystery unfold…

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream in the Land Of Dream

They say old Grandpa Jack is crazy, with his spine-tingling tales of Screamland, Dreamland’s darker and much more sinister side. Rumour has it between the 13th and 30th of October the colourful family-friendly amusement park mutates into a horrifying land of terror tunnels, horror shows and monstrous mazes. He warns of a frightening world of interactive mazes and sideshows set to thrill and haunt even the darkest of souls. Feeling brave this Halloween…

Meeting Marlowe’s Ghost

Lights flicker whilst heartbeats get quicker, the air begins to freeze and around the ankles there is a chilling breeze. You wonder what is occurring whilst your sight is blurring. Your skin must be crawling as Christopher Marlowe’s ghost is calling.  Take part in the new thrilling escape room experience at The Marlowe Theatre where Marlowe’s ghost returns to haunt you. You owe him a debt and must overcome a series of devilishly clever interactive games and puzzles. Do you have what it takes…

Broadwitch Hauntfest

If you go into the woods today you’re sure of big surprise. If you go down to the woods today you better go in disguise. For every ghoul that ever there was, will gather there for certain, because today’s the day the ghosts are going to get you! Endless mazes, constant terror and enough running in fear to cancel your gym membership. If you’re not screaming, you’re already dead! The place to scream this Halloween…

Ghastly Ghost Tours at Deal Castle

As the sun sets into the horizon, taking away the light and heat of the day, Deal Castle takes on a sinister atmosphere. A guide waiting, torch in hand will lead you through the dark and dingy corridors of this eerie castle. Are you prepared to hear about the darker side of history? From urban myths and legends to staff confessions of unexplained events in the castle, you best go to sleep with one eye open. Let the terrifying tour begin…

Survival of the Zombie Apocalypse

Kent Life, a land known for its luscious vegetation and 28 acres of rolling English countryside is now infected by a plague of zombies. Rumour has it there are survivors that were left behind during the evacuations. Rescue mission, Operation Ragstone, is underway where you and a group of highly trained professionals must save the remaining survivors. The fate of the human race is in your hands, but have you got what it takes to rescue them all and get out alive? Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse…

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