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Interested in studying history? Choose the University of Kent or Canterbury Christ Church University and you'll have the chance to unveil centuries of history, from Romans the Second World War right here in Kent.

Kent is a county immersed in rich heritage and intrigue, so what better place to come and study history? From the iconic White Cliffs of Dover to castles and Roman Forts, there is so much to explore if you choose to study here. 

Whether you’re interested in astonishing wartime memorabilia or crave mysterious castle ruins, Kent has a plethora of renowned places and ancestral buildings for you to discover.

Set in the glorious green countryside, the history of this county is sure to spark your thirst for knowledge. Here’s a selection of historic gems you could soon discover right on Kent’s doorstep…

And if you're really interested in studying history, be sure to check out the range of courses listed below, available at both The University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. 

Don’t forget to check the websites before your visit and plan your adventure!

Dover Castle

Set atop the extraordinary and iconic White Cliffs of Dover, visit the castle that holds hidden secrets of the two world wars. Admire the colourful rooms and great grandeur of Henry II’s medieval palace before descending into the dark depths of the medieval tunnels. Then, uncover the covert operations of war communications and see the castle’s three incredible anti-aircraft guns, the only working example of only six left in the world! Seriously, if you're studying history, it doesn't get much better than this!


Chill out at Churchill’s family home (yes, seriously) and gardens as you discover more about his life away from war. Catch a glimpse of his life at Chartwell with its vast ornate décor and collection of Churchill’s personal memorabilia evoking both the personal and professional life of one of Britain’s most famous figures. Share Churchill’s love of landscape and nature as you peruse the grounds, pausing for reflection at the relaxing lake and enjoying the best of the Kentish greenery as you trek down the trails of the surrounding woodland.

Canterbury Historic River Tours

If you choose to study in Kent, what better way to explore the city beyond campus than embarking on an exciting historic river tour? Take a trip down the relaxing Stour river and learn more about charming Canterbury. Glide under one of Britain’s oldest working road bridges and travel up towards the much-loved romantic hidden gem: Greyfriars’ Island. Discover the deep history and secrets of this quaint but delightful city and experience an intriguing insight into its past from a unique viewpoint.

Historic Dockyard Chatham

Want to dive deeper into history? Set sail on an exciting adventure as you discover the collection of historic sea vessels including life boats throughout time, immense warships and fascinating submarines. Situated in the historic maritime town, the historic dockyard holds 400 years of history set in 80 acres so there’re plenty of ships to explore. Whether you’re a sea-faring fanatic or just want to learn the ropes, there is so much to discover at this Medway museum!

Hever Castle

See through the eyes of Anne Boleyn as you peruse her magnificent childhood home. This unmissable 13thcentury estate features a grand moat, gorgeous green grounds and impressive country home with ornate and vibrant décor. From floral patterns to intricately carved wood, take a step back into Tudor times. Immerse yourself in the rich presence of the medieval castle and step into the world of luxury as you learn more about the lavish life of Anne Boleyn before her gruesome demise.

Battle of Britain Memorial

Set atop the iconic white cliffs, this historic memorial is a prime place for pensive reflection and to pay homage to our heroes. This year marks the 80thanniversary of the Battle of Britain, a pivotal and well-known conflict in WWII that stands out in both local and UK history. The seaside location gives a beautiful backdrop to the memorial wall and majestic monument, making it a perfect space to ponder Kent’s coastal history in amidst the distinctively fresh sea air.

Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

Want to learn more about the personal stories of war? At one of Britain’s oldest aerodromes, learn more about how a strip of farmland in the Kentish countryside dramatically became internationally recognised as Sir Winston Churchill’s ‘strongest link’. If you want to explore the stories beyond reading your textbook, why not peruse Biggin Hill’s poignant collection of real uniforms, magnificent medals, emotional personal letters and documents of the day? Learn more about the innovative technical advancements of WWII that have shaped the world we see today, then explore the great outdoors with a stroll down the walking trails, set in a vast expanse of idyllic greenery.

Richborough Roman Fort

Prepare to be amazed when visiting this site of intriguing history. Set amidst the picturesque East Kent marshes, these rocky ruins and great stone walls mark the site of an impressive Saxon Shore Fortress. With its deep defensive ditches and mysterious lasting foundations, there’s so much to both imagine and learn amongst the place which was once a bustling Roman Settlement. So why not stroll by the sensational views of the sweeping Sandwich skyline and witness this symbolic site that stood throughout almost all of the Roman rule in Britain?

Chiddingstone Castle

Set in 35 acres of blissful countryside, this castle boasts a diverse collection of artefacts from across the globe. From astounding Samurai armour and exciting Ancient Egyptian treasures to sensational Stuart artworks and Jacobean manuscripts, indulge yourself with an inspiring historic adventure at this medieval style castle. Discover more about the eccentric collector: Denys Eyre Bower and find out what notorious scandal resulted in his dramatic incarceration. Then, take a gentle stroll over the luscious lawn to learn more about Ancient Egypt in the unique ‘Fields of Eternity’, transporting you to 2000BC in this special symbolic garden.

Tempted yet? Kent is steeped in history and has lots to offer so why not consider studying here? Whether you're interested in the monarchy, famous faces from the past or the secrets of the South East's past, why not study amidst the historic and natural beauty of Kent? Here are some courses you may be interested in at the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University