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Family Bushcraft Fun

Come and join our ranger in the forest and participate in den building, fire lighting and whittling.

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Making memories in Kent

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless – and after so many months of the same routines, we’re more than ready to make some new memories with our loved ones again. The glorious Garden of England couldn’t be a better place to do it – from foraging on the coast and ornate jewellery making, to forest bathing and yoga retreats, it’s time to rediscover forgotten skills, and learn a few new ones along the way!


Tiger Lodge at at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

The first of its kind in the UK, Tiger Lodge is one of the most forward-thinking and unusual places to stay. Situated inside the tiger enclosure it offers guests a window into the magnificent world of the tiger.

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Kings Wood, Challock

King's Wood is 588 hectares of mixed conifer and broadleaf woodland

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Green Farm Spa

A unique addition to Green Farm created to pamper, relax and unwind


The Peasants’ Last Revolt Nature Trail

Cherry, apple, pear and plum orchards in this bountiful landscape, one of our best walks.

Bosuns Exterior

Bosuns Tea Room and So Much More

Bringing this historic shop, back to life as a coffee/tea/cake and gift shop


Court Farm - Food Outlet and Walk/Cyclists Trail

A popular picnic stop along the North Downs Way for walkers/ramblers and mountain bikers/cyclists.

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Rhino Lodge at Port Lympne

Rhino Lodge is the most idyllic place to relax in style and comfort at this peaceful retreat, perfect for unwinding and far away from the buzz of everyday life.

Hog Deer Creek Shepherds Hut

Hog Deer Creek at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Hog Deer Creek at Port Lympne Reserve