Augustine Camino

The Augustine Camino is a week-long pilgrimage route through some of Kent’s most beautiful countryside, from Rochester Cathedral via Canterbury to Augustus Pugin’s Gothic masterpiece, the Shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate. It splits handily into shorter sections, all easily accessible by public transport.

The Camino provides pilgrims with many unique experiences such as coming face to face with the Relics of famous saints (including Thomas Becket), the opportunity to meet Carmelite friars and Cathedral canons, walking through apple orchards, vineyards and hop gardens or running fingers over crosses carved by departing crusaders.

There is lots of free information available on the Augustine Camino website including maps, directions and opening times.

Guidebooks are available to purchase online here.

Regular special events and guided tours are advertised here.

Accommodation booking, baggage transfers and church welcomes are also available here

There is a Compostela available from St Augustine’s for those who have completed the whole route, more details here.


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