Treehouse Three

Gather your friends together and enjoy the experience of staying in a treehouse inside a game reserve - an experience of a lifetime.

  • Unique luxury escape
  • No traffic, no artificial noise just nature
  • Wonderful special experience
  • Stay in a treehouse

Treehouse Three is a combination of three luxury treehouses, each sleeping four people, with decked verandas, offering fabulous views over the Rhino enclosure, and further afield across the remote Romney Marshes out to the English Channel.

Enjoy a complimentary 'Truck Safari' you'll be taken around the reserve where giraffes, black rhino, wildebeest, zebras and more roam freely over 600 acres of Kentish savannah. Or explore the reserve in your very own buggy, with special access to exclusive areas when the park is closed to the public!


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