Rosemary Lodge

Set in tranquil traditional Kentish park-like grounds interspersed with fruit trees providing a charming backdrop, particularly when in full bloom, Cradduck Oast House and Farm Lodges offer a warm welcome to all. Especially Edward, the resident horse who likes nothing better than meeting new guests. Originally a religious retreat for an ancient Order of Nuns, the Oast being the chapel, you can still experience the aura of a sanctuary as the extensive grounds ensure you can find a quiet corner where you can get away from everyone to relax! Staplehurst with its 15th Century church and black and white timbered-framed buildings is often referred to as a village - indeed, it was voted Kent Village of the Year in 2003, and the village sign still proudly welcomes visitors - but really it's grown into a small rural town offering a wide range of local shops.