Elham Valley Line Trust Countryside Centre & Railway Museum

The Railway Museum was created in the 1980s, to capture the history of the Elham Valley Railway Line which ran through the picturesque Elham Valley between Canterbury and Folkestone, from 1884 to 1947.

The Countryside Centre is housed in a 290 year old barn, moved from land now lying beneath the Channel Tunnel terminal. It was moved and reconstructed at it’s current location, next to the Railway Museum, alongside part of the original embankment to the historic line and has now been renamed George’s Barn in honour of George Wright who had the vision and tenacity to coordinate the relocation of the barn to become what it is is today.


CT18 8AZ

Entry Price

Adults: £2.50
Children: £1.50
Concessions: £1.50
Child age range: 1-16
Concessions entry qualification: £1.50