Big Bike Ride

Discover Medway by Bike

Medway has more than 70 miles (110km) of on-road, off-road, national and green cycle routes.

Cycling, whether it’s a day-to-day activity, or an occasional adventure, is a great way to help keep people of all ages healthy. There is strong evidence that the benefits of cycling outweigh any risks.

Cycling is something that is really so simple. All you need is a roadworthy bike and some basic safety gear and then it takes just a little bit of practice.

Riding a bike can be slotted into everyday life, enabling people to gain health benefits without having to set aside time for exercise.

Medway Council undertakes a broad range of activities that contribute to encouraging cycling, including having responsibilities for highways and transportation, land use planning and regeneration, public health, green spaces and sport. Officers across the council work closely together and with our partners to ensure a coordinated approach to encouraging cycling in Medway.


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