Ctrl Alt Esc

Find Clues - Solve Puzzles - Escape the Rooms

CTRL ALT ESC Escape Rooms offer a fully immersive, 4D experience, perfect for all ages, and great for families, friends or colleagues!

Choose your themed room, then find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape!

The experiences last up to 90 minutes. Try to make the top of the leaderboard. 

CTRL ALT ESC is technology-based, meaning we do not use padlocks. The technology behind the scenes allows the escape room to present you with a wider variety of games and puzzles. Try a brand new escape room experience. You WON'T find another escape room like this!

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Opening Times

Closed from Thursday 5th November until further notice

Daily from 10am til 10pm
Extended hours on Bank Holidays, Halloween, and other special days.


4 Cliff Terrace

Entry Price

90 minute experience:
2 players = £50
3 players = £65
4 players = £80
5 players = £90
6 players = £100
7 players = £110
8 players = £120

30 minute experience:
2 - 4 players = £40