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Heritage Military Tour

Organised by Friends of Dover Castle

Groups of 4 - 10 (3 hours +)

If military attractions are your thing, then you may just want to read on...You will visit a combination of three fortresses along with dining at the White Horse Inn before heading to the Western Heights. Sounds like a fun packed day to us!

Friends of Dover Castle

Heritage Military Tour

This special tour combines the three main military attractions of Dover.

Dover Castle which has 2000 years of protecting the port and town of Dover, Fort Burgoyne which was built in 1860 to protect Dover Castle from inland attacks and the Western Heights which was built especially to repel any threat from Napoleon. No tour has previously combined all three Fortresses. This flexible experience initially will start at the Northern parts of Dover Castle, the site of the last Siege in 1216, this will include the Spur and Redan. From there, Fort Burgoyne , the only Palmerston Fort existing with detached bastions. From here you will be dined and refreshed in the White Horse Inn at the foot of Dover Castle, an award winning Inn and one of the oldest in the UK dating from 1574.

After lunch, head to the Western Heights and subject to accessibility, you will climb up the Grand Shaft, the only spiral triple staircase in the UK and designed to allow maximum numbers of soldiers to quickly descend to the shore from the Barracks situated on the cliffs. Western Heights will be explored before heading back to the historic seafront.

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What it costs

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£100 Per Person
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10 Best Lane