Visit Kent take on the Escape Kent puzzle rooms

Plan your getaway from alien invasions, chilling criminals and pirates ahoy! Where? All in the Garden of England of course…

If you’re scratching your head in disbelief right about now, we don’t blame you. Our county is hardly renowned for any of the above visitor types. History rich and full of colourful characters maybe, but we can’t recall seeing too many swashbuckling shipmates wandering through the cobbled side streets of Canterbury lately - can you?

Let us enlighten you. Escape Kent is home to a series of exciting and interactive adventure games for groups. With clues to search for and puzzles to solve, each themed room allows your team just one hour to complete a challenging and exciting mission.

Now, we can’t claim that the team at ‘Visit Kent’ are regularly in the business of encouraging people to ‘Escape’ our charming county, however, Canterbury’s number one rated fun activity on TripAdvisor certainly peaked our interest. We rounded up the troops and headed to the Escape Kent base (easily accessible from Canterbury city centre, on the Wincheap Estate) to put the very best of our communication and problem-solving expertise right to the test!

Testing out each of the three rooms, here’s what some our intrepid adventurers had to say about their experiences …

Pirates of the stormy seas…

Ali: “We got so close …. but despite our best efforts we didn’t quite make it out in time!  It was huge fun and a great team activity, and we definitely want to go back and try again!”


James says: “We made it out…with 6 seconds to spare! I think I’ve got the ‘escape room’ bug now! If you’re looking for something unique to do with friends, family or colleagues, then this is it. Good luck escaping!”

Alien attack...

Lana says: “Our Escape Kent experience was quite literally ‘out of this world!’ We had such a great time attempting to save the world from alien invasion. The escape rooms are perfect for groups of friends, and really bring out the best of everyone’s problem solving skills. We’ll be back soon!”

Having successfully defended planet earth or unearthed the rarest diamond from the sea, you may feel you’ve earned a little respite. We are, however, certain that the inner escape artist in you will be released and eager for a new mission.

Again, Escape Kent beckons, as it prepares for the opening of it’s newest live escape room, The Haunting. Opening soon, do you have what it takes to enter the harrowing, haunted house of Mr Cromwell and save it from its unhinged owners?

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Where to find Escape Kent:
Escape Kent, Unit 1 Simmonds Rd, Canterbury, CT1 3RA
Phone: 01227 507450