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  • Castles in Kent

    Kent is home to some of the most beautiful castles and fortresses in Britain's history, most of which can be visited all year round.

  • 10 Castles and Historic Houses

    10 Castles and Historic Houses

  • Kent and Sussex Holiday Cottages

    Kent and Sussex Holiday Cottages

  • Golf in Kent

  • Study in Kent

  • Kent's Gardens

    Kent is rightly renowned as the Garden of England, and boasts some of the most picturesque and historic gardens in the world. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in Kent gardens.

  • Getting to Kent

    Find out how you can travel to Kent by rail, road or by air.

  • 9 reasons to choose Kent

    This summer, forget your passport and book yourself a spectacular staycation in Kent, the Garden of England; we've got #9reasons for why you should!

  • 4 hours in Dover

  • Kent's Heritage Railways

    In Kent, you can relive the magic and romance of the rails with a day out on a heritage railway, where you’ll find the journey is as fascinating as the destinations you visit.