Folkestone Artworks

The gallery without walls!

Folkestone Artworks is a permanent public art collection of 27 outstanding works which are now on permanent display in public spaces around the town. Originally commissioned by the Creative Foundation for the Folkestone Triennial, these artworks now help to define Folkestone by giving it character and importance. Nowhere else in Britain can an art collection of this calibre be found on the streets of a town. Folkestone Artworks is the result of an inspired vision to bring artists of the very highest international standing to the town and create art that is open for all to see, all day, every day. Works by Tracey Emin, Mark Wallinger, Richard Wilson, Cornelia Parker, Cristina Iglesias, Christian Boltanski, Pablo Broustein and many more are waiting to be explored and can be enjoyed by all, free of charge, all year round . The hope is that people will be enchanted, amazed, amused and confounded at times but always enriched.

Folkestone Artworks includes work by artists as celebrated as Turner Prize nominee Tracey Emin, whose seven-part sculpture Baby Things is a tender, subtle yet poignant response to her perception of the prevalence of teenage pregnancies in the town. 2007 Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger’s ‘Folk Stones’ has a profound underpinning, 19,240 numbered stones, the exact number of soldiers killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916, and can be found close to the Leas Cliff Hall. It even includes a dog’s play park, Pae White’s Barking Rocks, situated just off The Leas in Pleydell Gardens.

Be sure to come to town in September for this year's Folkestone Triennial, double edge, a chance to view 21 newly commissioned major artworks in Folkestone's "gallery without walls". It is envisaged that Folkestone Artworks will continue to grow after each new Triennial, helping to further develop Folkestone’s reputation as a unique destination in the UK for those who enjoy contemporary art.

Discover the collection free of charge, all year round. Audio guides, maps and more information are available from Quarterhouse.