True Outsider Artists Unite

Dean Stalham from Stretch Outsider Art is putting together an exhibition, 'True Outsider Artists Unite' - This will include works by established Artists ; Pete Doherty, Dean Stalham, Nick Reynolds, and Kevin King - there will also be works by new and emerging artists.

Artists: Jeremy Deller, Jeff Robb, Tracey Emin, Chris Wilson, Dudley Sutton, Giles Evers, Darren Main, Wynford Vaughn Thomas, Anil Puri, Jemma Channing, Annabelle Losa, Cyd Pom Pom, Rebekha Sunshine, Clair Meyrick, Cathy Chilli, Jocelyn Olin Gregory, Damien Le Bas, Duggie Fields.

There will be space available for artists who have never exhibited. To get involved and for more information please contact Dean on 07947 934801

Opening Event - Tuesday 4th February 6pm - 10pm

As well as some extraordinary art on the walls and floor by leading UK talent as well as work by leading Thanet artists! There will be poets, free booze and nibbles at hand, you can also sample a tot of Ramsgate’s very own spiced rum - Shanty Queen!

Poets: Neanderthal Bard, Tireak.

Guest speaker Carlotta Allum CEO of Stretch Charity


Joseph Wales Studio
2A Dane Hill