This exhibition of photography from local artist Laura Fisher focuses on Brompton Barracks; “This series of images were taken all on one day on a site visit to Brompton Barracks in September 2019.

I had seen the statue of General Gordon before (on old postcards and on visits to the Royal Engineers library and archive when I was an artist in residence during my photography degree studies at UCA Rochester). I had always wanted to go back and photograph it. This is where the basis of this body of work began. Whilst on my visit I was given a tour of the grounds and a potted history of the structures and monuments I saw. I avidly photographed them all. The grounds of the barracks are grand – dating back to Georgian times.

There are monuments honouring the Corps’ dead and wounded of the Boer War, the Crimean War Memorial Arch, the Gordon Memorial and the Great Obelisk, to name but a few. At one point we needed to wait for the soldiers on the parade ground to finish before we could continue. I reflected upon this when I later viewed the images and began to think about the traces of the soldiers from the past.

The traces of the soldiers of the present will also, one day, be left behind.” Laura Fisher The exhibition takes the visitor on a brief tour of the Barracks – an insight which not everyone gets to see. 


Royal Engineers Museum
Prince Arthur Road

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