Steam Driver Experience at Spa Valley Railway

Share the driving and firing of a steam locomotive with a rake of carriages from Tunbridge Wells West to Groombridge return, a total of 14 miles on the footplate of which 7 miles will be spent driving and 7 miles firing. An unique opportunity to try both roles of the footplate crew. There will be four participants per day, commencing at 10:00 from Tunbridge Wells West. Upon arrival you'll be met by your host for the day in the ticket hall, and after an initial safety briefing is given, there will be a guided tour of the engine shed. Upon being taken to the locomotive, one pair of participants will board the locomotive and the other pair will climb aboard the train. Whilst one pair drive and fire the other will spend time on the train with the Guard learning the role they have to play in the trains' safety and you'll even get the opportunity to wave the green flag too!


West Station
Tunbridge Wells

Entry Price

£500 per person for the full day