Shakespeare's Globe on Tour at Chilham Castle

Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour returns to Chilham Castle to present a trio of plays exploring the themes of refuge and displacement. Situated in the beautiful grounds of Chilham Castle, the plays are performed as a touring production would have been staged in the 17th century, with a stripped back booth stage, and a small, versatile troupe of actors. Taking on multiple roles across all three plays and playing musical instruments to boot, the talented cast will unravel these timeless tales of those who have crossed seas and lost their families, are seeking lost homes, and finding out what belonging truly means to them.

Brendan O’Hea will direct the tour of eight actors with A Comedy of Errors, Twelfth Night and Pericles. The three plays will open at the Globe and then start the tour at Chilham Castle before setting out across the UK and rest of the world. Pericles will be the first performance in the grounds of Chilham Castle followed by A Comedy of Errors as a matinee on Saturday and then Twelfth Night in the evening. The order will be reversed on Sunday with Twelfth Night as the matinee followed by A Comedy of Errors at 5pm. The running time will be approx 2 hours plus an interval.


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