Self Esteem

Self-Esteem is the brand new project from Slow Club singer, Rebecca Taylor.

Drawing influence from everything and anything – pop culture, the dark and light within her own life, her experiences on the road in a band that she loved but was no longer the place for her creatively, and the freedom that came from stepping away – her new sound is dramatic, direct and deafeningly exciting.

Paying tribute to her drumming expertise, songwriting ability and her wonderfully warm and intense vocals, steps forward first track, Your Wife. Impeccably produced by Django Django’s Dave Maclean, this lead single is the questioning of everything Rebecca’s surrounded by- the male dominated world she find herself in, the boundaries and freedoms that that world provides and her own sexual limits within those boundaries. It’s a track that manages to perfectly measure one’s own vulnerability against strength – a fascinating contradiction that defines Self Esteem.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.




Ramsgate Music Hall
13 Turner Street
CT11 8NJ


01843 591815

Entry Price

Tickets are £12.50