Relax and Release Course

Starting on Wednesday 3 February at 7pm and running for four weeks via Zoom, this 45-minute class is a beautiful way to end your working day and ease into a calm evening, leaving any stresses behind you. The course is taught by Women's Health Specialist and Massage Therapist Emma Goodman.

These classes are for our charity's Non-MS community, the general public and are open to people of all abilities. Classes start with a body scan meditation, followed by some dynamic stretches to release any tight muscles and end with calming meditation. There will be a different theme for each week with the focus on different areas of the body at each class. No equipment necessary apart from a chair and somewhere comfortable in your house where you won't be disturbed. You may want to have a pillow/cushion and blanket close by for added comfort!

Prices as follows:
£26 for four week course (works out £6.50 per session)
£8 per session if booked individually

*To show our appreciation for the NHS, we are offering all NHS workers an extra 10% off these courses using the promo code NHS10 at the checkout*

To book please follow this link:

Quotes from previous attendees: "I am learning that the body scan you do at the start of the class helps in two ways - firstly to lessen the held tension in my body by focusing on letting go individual parts as you talk me through, and secondly I am learning to listen to what my body is telling me. I am learning to recognise what physical feelings I can have with stress and what relaxed can feel like."

"Having gentle mindful movement after a day at a desk feels great. It is surprising how just a few minutes of simple movements can assist with tension release physically and mentally."

"These sessions provide me with a ‘pause’. I never want that final meditation to end - but continue to feel the benefits into the evening and actually into the night with improved sleep.” Emma says: "I have been in the fitness industry for 24 years and now more than ever realise that most of us are in need of some “me time”."

As you will be aware, due to the most recent lockdown the Kent MS Therapy Centre will be shut for at least a month. However, by attending these yoga classes online you will be helping to support our wonderful charity throughout this difficult period. If you have any questions, please let us know at


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