Paintings, sculptures & drawings by Olivia Bax & Dominic Beattie
Tuesday April 9th - Saturday April 27th
Private View: Saturday April 6 - 2pm till 4pm

Linden Hall Studio is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by the British artists Olivia Bax and Dominic Beattie.

The work of Olivia Bax is often characterised by familiar elements such as a hook, handle or vessel presented in unconventional, coloured forms. However, it is the texture of the surface which offers the viewer the most immediate insight. Bax generates her own paper pulp to cover and form a mantle over linear armatures. Moulding each sculpture in this way creates the distinctive texture of the work. Rooted in drawing, the work carries instinctive gestures from start to finish to suggest an action or feeling.

Dominic Beattie’s work is cut and built and then rebuilt, painted then overpainted. The traces of constant readjustment haunt the final image. Riffing on a wide and varied group of abstract languages that loosely come out of a constructivist history, Beattie’s eye for colour is at once direct and original. These works create surprising spatial shifts and vibrations that suggest a wink to Op and Pop but the emphasis on repetition and sequencing is also concomitant with sampled beats in advanced subcultures of electronic music. With skill and attention to the crafting of colour and shape, Beattie obsessively tilts, turns and twists the grammar of hard edged abstraction until something new and unprecedented is achieved.


32 St Georges Road,
CT14 6BA