Overground-Underground Tour

Join us for a guided walk above and below ground following the route of Ramsgate's famous Wartime Tunnels (approximately one and a half miles long)

The tour starts at 4.30pm (finish 6.30pm) from the Sailors Church, Military Road, Royal Harbour, and is guided throughout pointing out places of interest above ground and telling the Tunnels story below ground.

You will be required to climb down a short ladder (2.5 metre) at the end of the overground part of the tour to continue underground before finishing in the Victorian Railway Tunnel with a visit to Tunnel Town.

Hard hats and torches will be provided whilst underground, and we strongly recommend you wear suitable footwear such as boots or flat shoes.


Ramsgate Tunnels
Marina Esplanade
CT11 8FH

Entry Price

Tickets £10