Opera Hub Inquiries - The Clark Kent School of Opera

Come along to our Opera House Inquiries - a space to ask questions, challenge preconceptions and grow ideas for an opera house in Folkestone.

What is it? Opera Hub Inquiries are part of a larger project called Invisible Opera House - which is seeking a home for opera in Folkestone. Invisible Opera House will explore themes of belonging, change, the point of no return and how location shapes our identity. During 2019, a series of interactive activities that introduce audiences to opera as a relevant and accessible art form. The Inquiries programme aims to promote discussion with the audience, with some informal live music to illuminate the way.

What happens in this inquiry? We are presenting - 'The Clark Kent School of Opera' This event is led by Artistic Director of Fat Lady Opera, Tania Holland Williams, and invites people to imagine a Folkestone, where the everyday congress of life is surprised, disrupted and delighted by the interruption of opera. Ideal for: All ages and abilities.

How to book: The event is free, taking place at Customs House, Harbour Approach Rd, Folkestone CT20 1QH. Refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions, send an email to fatladyopera@gmail.com. For more info about the project visit: http://sparkedecho.org/invisible-opera-house Who is Invisible Opera House produced by? SparkedEcho have been commissioned by Fat Lady Opera to co-produce Invisible Opera House. It is supported by funding from Arts Council England and private donations.


Customs House
Harbour Approach Road
CT20 1QH