Invisible Opera House - Set Design workshop

Fancy getting creative in our Invisible Opera House Creative workshop? A chance for creatives in Folkestone to explore set design building and composing digital music.

What is it?

The workshops are part of a larger project called Invisible Opera House, which is seeking a home for opera in Folkestone. Invisible Opera House will explore themes of belonging, change, the point of no return and how location shapes our identity. Some of the work you create will be used in live opera performances on the Folkestone Harbour Arm on 30 November 2019.

Who is leading the workshop?

Local artists Sarah Jane Booth and Kevin Grist will lead the workshops, and they will be supported by Tania Holland Williams - Artistic Director of Invisible Opera House project and the Set Design workshops will be run with Sarah Jane Booth.

Ideal for: All ages and abilities - No previous experience needed.

Tickets: Free

Where: Urban Room Folkestone, Tram Rd Car Park, Folkestone, CT20 1QP

How to book: If you are interested in coming to 1 or several sessions, please email, to let us know which dates you can make.

More info about the project is here:

Who is Invisible Opera House produced by? SparkedEcho have been commissioned by Fat Lady Opera to co-produce Invisible Opera House. It is supported by funding from Arts Council England and private donations.


Tram Rd Car Park
CT20 1QP