Gloves Off at The Criterion Cinema

Brad Moore, Paul Barber, Matt Barber, Laurie Kynaston, Gary Cargill, Tom Craine, Alexei Sayle, Greg Orvis, Denise Van Outen, Ricky Tomlinson

 British comedy. A down-on-his-luck boxing trainer gets in over his head when a payday loans representative comes knocking for outstanding debt. When he is threatened with the closure of his gym, Doug must work fast if he is to save his much-loved boxing ring, but as the local community and the gym's regulars rally together, they find a way to acquire the funds needed to keep it afloat. With a large monetary prize up for grabs for whomever can defeat a renowned bare-knuckle fighter, it is up to Doug to help train a toughened ex-boxer to get him fighting fit and claim the money to keep the gym's doors open.

Certificate (12)

Screening at 2pm and 7.30pm

Gloves Off


69. High Street.
Blue Town.
ME12 1RW

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