Easter Lego Bricks Fun 2019

Lego Bricks Civilisations Show 2019  is an innovative and entertaining LEGO touring show with 40 stunning LEGO models including life-size human figures from a range of civilisations through-out history.

The life-like appearance of figures in colourful costumes and intriguing poses creates a real ‘wow’ factor as well as being educational and informative.

Featuring models created by Bright Bricks (as featured in Channel 4’s Inside Lego at Christmas) and using hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks, Civilisations opens on April 6th at Tenterden Town Station.

Civilisations is an amazing LEGO show with stunning LEGO models including life-sized human figures from civilisations from around the world, including an Aztec, a Samurai Warrior, Egyptian pharaoh and an ancient Greek philosopher. As well as learning about these ancient civilisations, you can even pose for ‘selfies’ with the life-sized figures in colourful costumes and intriguing poses.

In addition, you will see several amazing LEGO dioramas showing activities and cultures from around the world including the Easter Island heads, Machu Pichu, Arab Souk, Rio Carnival, Milan fashion show and a stunning model of St Basil’s cathedral in Russia.

Children can also build their own LEGO models and add them to the huge world map.

This exhibition is FREE to K&ESR Travel Card ticket holders* only Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more photos and details! Book your Travel Card for this exhibition via our website now for the opportunity to pre-book one of our limited “make and take” workshop activities of a Steam Locomotive http://www.kesr.org.uk/events/civilisations * TravelCard tickets provide unlimited rail travel throughout the day of your visit


Tenterden Town Station
TN30 6HE
TN30 6HE

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