Dazzling Daffodils at Hever Castle

Visitors will feel uplifted this spring during Hever Castle’s Dazzling Daffodils event. With 14,000 new daffodil bulbs set to bloom across the gardens, there will be a wide range of varieties to enjoy.

The daffodil event will throw the spotlight on the narcissus family and showcase the new and the best in daffodils.

Visitors will also have a chance to see a rare double daffodil in woodland not usually open to the public. Narcissi Telamonius Plenus, or the ‘double daffodil’ dates from 1620 and has rarely been seen growing in the wild in the UK this century. 

However, CEO Duncan Leslie came across various groupings of this extraordinary bloom in Park Wood while out walking his dogs. 


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