A Murder Mystery Evening

The year is 1965 and you find yourself in the nest of vipers that is
‘Bantam’s Holiday Camp’.

“Bantam’s opened in the late forties when holiday camps were all the rage after the war. It did well for the first few years, but now it’s seedy in the extreme.”_

Blustering Bertie Bantam, an ex-WWII Sergeant Major, is trying to breathe new life into his business and has employed for the new season veteran comedian Vince Grocock, who has managed to scratch a living in clubs since being invalided out of the army. 
You will also meet Frank Vernon who is one of the camp’s “Greencoats”.  Another staff member is the ambitious Muriel Spanks – can she ditch her job as a cleaner and join the entertainment team? Lastly is curmudgeonly Wally Freemantle, the caretaker and handyman. Also holidaying at the camp are warring grandmothers Eileen Slightly and Verity Scarfe, both of whom are competing for the affections of 12-year-old Kevin, their mutual grandson.
 Who will live, who will die and who will have the knobbliest Knees?


Hempstead House Hotel
London Road

Entry Price

£55 per person