Quex Build a Base

Buildabase is the indoor Dart Tag Combat Arena at Quex Park (next to Jungle Jims).  The concept is the first of its kind in the UK - catering for parties, after school and weekend games for all age groups from 6 and upwards.

The games are ideal for those parents wanting to stop their house from being turned into a battle zone and having to pick up thousands of darts after the battle is over!  Players will be given a full safety briefing before the games commence, and a dedicated marshall shall ensure safe play is carried out as well as offering strategic tips and advice.  

Players then enter the arena using lit tunnels and make their way though the game zone to secure their base (the first player on base wins the base for the team!) Once at the bases, players will have the option of 5 minutes to work together as a team and build their own bases from giant lego blocks. Once complete it is down to each team to attack the other bases with dart guns while defending their own base at the same time!  The aim is to occupy as many of the other bases as possible within the timed game limit. Each base is connected to a destruct button which is coloured red or green for each team colour, and the teams must hit the button to change the enemy’s base to their team colour to indicate to everyone that the base has been taken over!  

Players are issued special vests which the incoming darts stick to. Once a player has been hit they have to make their way to a MEDIC MARSHALL to be respawned back into the game (respawned means the darts are removed and they can re-enter the arena).  At the end of the timed game the team with the most occupied bases wins. 

The games are designed to inspire players' imaginations and encourage team work.  The arena is equipped with sound active lighting and special effects enhancing the game play and atmosphere. 

There is also a cafeteria for parents to sit back and have a chat whilst their kids battle, which for most parents is far easier than having to rebuild the bunk beds at home after the kids have decided to turn them into a den!

  • Winner of Pride in Thanet Tourism Award 'Indoor Leisure Employee of the Year 2014 and Overall Winner 2014'

Opening Times

Closed 1st January, 24th, 25th & 26th December


Park Lane

Entry Price

Children: From £5 (half hour play and unlimited darts)