Chimera Climbing

Chimera Climbing Centre welcomes all people to the exciting activity of climbing.  Climbing offers an adventurous challenge while also encouraging an active lifestyle.  The nature of the sport is such that everyone is able to succeed and gain a sense of self satisfaction and achievement.  As well as the option to simply visit and climb, we also offer a range of children’s clubs and adult courses.  For those who have never climbed before, we offer taster sessions which provide the ideal platform from which to build your climbing skills, and as a family activity this is a great way to spend time side by side, enjoying yourselves no matter the age and ability of the participants.
As well as being a physical activity, climbing encourages focus and concentration, while developing fine motor skills such as hand eye co-ordination.  The challenge of completing a climb often requires problem-solving skills, successful completion of which really boosts self-esteem, achievable by all as problems are provided at all inclusive levels.   
Chimera Climbing also has a café area with ethically sourced teas and coffees and a wide range of organics gourmet snacks, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for parents while their youngsters enjoy their climbing session.  Our range of snacks include consideration for gluten, wheat and dairy intolerance. 


Unit 3 North Farms Road High Brooms Industrial Estate
Tunbridge Wells

Entry Price

Adults: £10
Children: £7.50 and £8.50
Concessions: 60+ £8
Child age range: 5-11 £7.50 12-15 £8.50
Concessions entry qualification: Students Save 10%