AFC Beats

Everyone loves NEON right? Of course, we know you do and you also like a party. And thats exactly why we have created AFC Beats, the HUGE workout event that will be spreading across the UK! Starting with our first event in Ashford Kent, on 25th August, we are bringing along 2000-3000 people to this party, and you are all invited! So what is AFC Beats? Take a whole lot of NEON, glow bands, facepaints, huge glow selfie stations.. Now throw in a DJ, on a huge stage framed with the largest screens you have seen in your life playing great music to get you in the party mood for 90minutes. And finally, add in some incredible choreographed workouts set to your favorite music from the last 30 years for an hour where you will be throwing shapes and having the best time. Thats AFC Beats in a nutshell! Ashford, Kent is our starting location, but look out for more of these incredible events up and down the UK! Let us know where you would like to see us next.

Early Bird Tickets £14 until 1500 have sold. Regular Price £18 Gate Entry £25 Parking locally - in Ashford Town centre.



Victoria Park ,
Jemmett Road
TN23 4QD